16 Feb 23

Synop and Geotab partner to offer integrated EV charging in North America

Synop and Geotab partner to offer integrated EV charging in North America

EV operations platform Synop and connectivity solutions provider Geotab has joined forces to offer an integrated EV charging and energy management platform in North America. 

The partnership aims to support commercial fleets significantly by enabling electric and hybrid fleets to be managed on a single, unified platform through Geotab's MyGeotab. Providing access to real-time data and combining Synop's software and Geotab's data insight, the unified platform will provide commercial fleets with the means to maximise fleet uptime and energy efficiency. 

The Synop-Geotab platform boosts the electrification process, helping fleets calculate every specific parameter from price volatility to charging cycles, thus allowing EVs to integrate into any fleet. Any commercial fleet, from school buses to delivery vans, can integrate EVs without additional hardware installation, which improves fleet management by: 

  • Identifying current charge levels, 
  • Anticipating when the vehicles to be fully charged,
  • Measuring the energy needed for the next trips,
  • Calculating energy expenses,
  • Gathering insights into energy consumption for each vehicle. 

Fleets with other requirements, such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) support, can also access additional control within the integration. The partnership further strengthens Geotab's aim to drive sustainability in fleets. Synop is expanding its reach through the Geotab network to make mixed fleet management more accessible and maximise cost savings. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen