22 Apr 21

100 Global Fleet Managers Club members with buying power of more than 1 million vehicles

A few weeks ago, the Global Fleet Managers Club, the best practice sharing club for global and regional fleet managers, welcomed its 100th member. Reaching this milestone is proof of the real need among international fleet customers to come together and share knowledge and experience. Today the Club has 105 members with a combined fleet of in total more than 1 million vehicles. To join the Global Fleet Managers Club, see below.

Global Fleet Management is much more than a trade you learn or a skill you acquire just once, and then you’re set for the rest of your career. No, Global Fleet Management is about:

  • Leveraging the best possible strategy for your company;
  • Balancing global, regional and even local expectations;
  • Implementing the most suitable solutions for your drivers;
  • Anticipating trends and legislation;
  • Responding to new customer behaviour, new stakeholder expectations, a new supplier market with new services.

Continuous process

All of this adds up to a continuous process of adopting, adapting and improving. The best way to optimise this process is to exchange experiences and best practices with your peer group.

Precisely this is the mission of the Global Fleet Managers Club, which was inaugurated at the 2018 Global Fleet Conference in Rome, and has grown from strength to strength ever since.

Monthly meetings

The Global Fleet Managers Club holds monthly meetings, at which global and regional fleet decision makers of multinational companies – from the Fleet, Procurement, HR, Compensation & Benefits and Mobility departments – gather to discuss specific topics relevant to fleet and mobility management.

  • Last week, for example, Steffen KRAUTWASSER (Head of Global Car Fleet at SAP and International Green Fleet Manager of the Year) and Emel ARKAN (Global Sustainability Lead at Siemens) explained how to reduce CO2 emissions by accelerating fleet electrification.
  • A month before, Jean-Philippe CARAËS (Regional Segment Manager LatAm at Hilti Group and Global Fleet Manager of the Year) shared the building blocks of his winning global fleet strategy.

Each of these 90-minute sessions offers attendees the chance not only to listen to peers, but also to ask them questions – and to interact and network with each other.

Additional services

The Global Fleet Managers Club is membership-based and works on the ‘Give and Take’ principle. This means that members also have access to additional services, such as Global Fleet Mentor Match.

This unique programme sees members engage their knowledge and experience to help a fleet peer prepare for a successful project – for example, Car Policy integration, TCO optimisation, Electrification, Tendering, Telematics, Corporate Mobility, etc.  ​​​​​​​

The next meeting of the Global Fleet Managers Club will take place on 4 May, between 4 and 5:30pm CET. And during this session, Guillaume DE SUBERCASAUX, Global Category Manager Mobility & Sustainable Procurement at Schindler will share his best practice on TCO control.

Are you a global or regional fleet customer? (i.e. Fleet, HR, Procurement, Compensation & Benefits, HR, Facilities, Mobility). If so, join the Global Fleet Managers Club by completing the Application Form here.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs