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15 Sep 21

Connected Fleet Survey 2021: 81% targets cost savings through connectivity

Covering 18 countries in all global regions, the Connected Fleet Survey 2021 includes responses from 236 participants, 36% are fleet owners and 64% are fleet suppliers. The figures reflected in the survey represents the opinions of fleet owners and suppliers who own more than 1.8 million cars worldwide. 

One section of the survey specifically focused on "technology and expectations", providing a clear picture of the balance between the use of technologies and their satisfaction levels. 

From the supplier perspective, the central motivators for telematics and the advantages of connected fleets revealed one particular need with a strikingly high figure. 

81% of the fleet owners stated that the biggest motivator to equip fleets with telematics appears to be "reducing fleet costs", while the top benefit of a connected fleet is stated as cutting the maintenance costs by 82%.  

The biggest motivators for adopting connectivity today, the survey asked fleet owners to list them from most important to less important. Reducing costs, improving operational efficiency comes in at 68%. Increasing vehicle security, driver safety and behaviour motivates 60% of fleet owners while avoiding fraud and optimizing mobility solutions appear 49% and 41% respectively. At the bottom of the list, reducing environmental impact and optimizing the implementation of EVs received 22%. 

Connected fleets will improve innovation among fleets

Reducing maintenance costs hangs at the top as the most expected benefit of connected fleets, which will enable fleet owners to utilize telematics data enriched with interconnectivity. 

78% of fleet owners see improving fleet management and driver behaviour as the second most important benefit. Increased utilisation of the vehicle stands at 65%, which seems to trigger the need for reducing insurance costs as it follows with 59%. 

Connected fleets also boost the application of new mobility solutions and support EV implementation through additional services with 38%. 

The need for cost reduction of fleet management unveils itself as the main driver towards better improvement and innovation among fleet owners. Achieving this goal will not be easy as turning technology into benefits requires training and constant support from suppliers. 

If you want to have a closer look at the Connected Fleet Survey 2021, you can download it here! And if you want to be updated about the benefits of Connected Technology for your fleet, don't miss the Connected Fleets Conference on 30 September. You can register for free!

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Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen