24 Aug 21

Global Fleet Managers Club: How to manage your global reporting

Effectively managing a global fleet requires a good system of global reporting. Setting this up and implementing this can be intimidating. Join the interactive workshop of the Global Fleet Managers Club on 7 September 2021 to discuss how you can manage your global reporting.

On 7 September 2021 at 4pm CET, the Global Fleet Managers Club organises an interactive workshop session on strategies to manage your global reporting, including a case study by Almy Magalhaes, Global Fleet Manager of the Year 2018.

The Global Fleet Managers Club is the networking club for global and regional fleet decision makers to share expertise and best practices in a 100% neutral and non-commercial environment. The Global Fleet Managers Club counts more than 130 members already, is based on free membership and is accessible for corporate buyer profiles only, no industry suppliers. So if you are a global or regional fleet customer, join by completing the Membership form. 

Once your membership has been confirmed, you can register for this session.

During the session on 7 September at 4pm CET, Global Fleet Managers Club members will

have the chance to discuss global reporting with their peers and share best practices around:

  • The right reporting technology
  • Integration of data from different suppliers and partners
  • Fleet monitoring in remote countries

Almy Magalhaes (pictured) will also present a case study on the topic. He is Senior Procurement Manager Europe at Ecolab and was elected Global Fleet Manager of the Year in 2018. In his case study, he will share his view on international data consolidation and reporting. He will present his fleet, the building blocks of his strategy, the way he selects and manages suppliers and the way he organises his reporting.

Join Almy and the other members of the Global Fleet Managers Club!

Photo: Almy Magalhaes, Senior Procurement Manager Europe, Ecolab

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck