18 Feb 22

Global Fleet Marketplace expands with two new features

Global Fleet Marketplace, which was launched at the Fleet Europe Summit in November 2021, offers the most comprehensive database for discovering the vendors in the fleet management industry. Containing more than 400 suppliers and growing its members every day, the robust RFI and search engine tool now added two features into its search options for customers and suppliers.

  • Search by goal: the new feature guides buyers and suppliers to their potential future partners through six questions to filter out the best possible choice. After selecting the requirements presented by the questions, "Search by Goal" filters the ideal list of buyers and suppliers to the customers. 
  • Get in touch button: after the search is complete, all you need is to get in contact. Customers can now directly get in touch with the buyers or suppliers fulfilling their needs with the "Get in Touch" button. All is needed to send a message to the company listed by the search results on the Global Fleet Marketplace. 

The platform also enables users to view the complete company profiles and compare them to decide on the best option before getting into contact. 

Find the best solution for free

In a rapidly changing and complex fleet industry, customers seek to find swift solutions to their needs to improve efficiency, achieve sustainability and strengthen their competitiveness. Global Fleet Marketplace guides customers according to their most critical goals to meet their solution providers. These include: 

  • Updating the corporate mobility (includes consulting, MaaS, micro-mobility, Mobility solution), 
  • Finding a full-service lease partner (includes all leasing types), 
  • Fleet electrification (choosing EVs, charging solution, financial services, strategic advice on electrification and fleet management technology), 
  • Applying connected technologies (includes location, maintenance, mobility management, electrification, insurance, fleet management),
  • Improving safety (driver training, accident management, tech and equipment for improving safety, strategic advice). 

As the best point of reference for customers, Global Fleet Marketplace enables fleet managers to define their problem, view complete supplier profiles and compare solutions to match the best solution provider. The two features, "Search by Goal" and "Get in Touch", add more to Global Market Place's robustness to offer a swift solution for fleet managers. 

Mobility suppliers also gain critical advantages on the Global Fleet Marketplace: 

  • Getting visibility for their products and services, 
  • Reaching out to the exact segment customers they target, 
  • Present their solutions to bigger fleets,
  • Eventually increasing their chances to appear on tender lists. 

To benefit from all these advantages, you need to go through a quick subscription, which is free! 

Getting stronger every day 

The user-friendly and easy-to-use interface of the Global Marketplace will continue improving through innovative features, eventually becoming the "one-stop-shop for the entire ecosystem for the fleet, automotive and mobility industries," according to Caroline Thonnon, CEO of Fleet Europe. 

To be a visible part of this expanding community and explore the solutions that can help you achieve your corporate goals, join the Global Fleet Marketplace today


Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen