10 Nov 23

Global Fleet Survey 2023: The most essential strategic fleet data source

Presenting the Global Fleet Survey (GFS) 2023, a comprehensive research document, delivering a compilation of insights, statistics, and analyses over an unprecedented 100 pages. The survey covers more than a million cars globally, shares insights in fleet strategies of Fortune 500 companies and predicts the fleet & mobility reality for the next year. Read until the end for a free download.

Data Source

To complete the 6-month Global Fleet Survey process, global and regional fleet & mobility managers have contributed to the extent of 15.848 data points, each carefully analysed and translated into usable and easy to understand graphs, using the most modern analytics tools, and verified by several fleet & mobility experts.

An essential Resource

Next to the graphical representations and raw data, the GFS provides meticulously crafted summaries tailored for corporate fleet professionals. These summaries are designed for integration into strategic papers, stakeholder engagements, and fleet reports. The document, segmented into eight sections, provides a 360 degree view of the ecosystem.

Key Insights

Global Fleet Survey 2023 in a nutshell:

  • Sustainability reigns as the top priority, yet fleet managers demonstrate significant concerns regarding charging infrastructure
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting is a challenge
  • Corporations are consolidating their fleet management activities into Centers of Excellence, leading to a high demand in outsourcing and a concurrent globalization of policies and supply chains
  • Savings targets are witnessing a decline, indicative of fleet managers adapting to escalating prices
  • Fleet managers express moderate satisfaction with their providers; nonetheless, in some countries, household names are being replaced by alternative providers
  • Trust in lease alliances is on an upward trajectory
  • A paradigm shift in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) preferences is underway, with traditional OEMs yielding market share to Korean counterparts
  • Mobility has become a virtual agenda point, characterized by a deferred adoption principle: "We'll do it at some time, but not now."

A Must-Read

Thanks to the support of Geotab, Holman, and Polestar, the GFS is made available to you at no cost. We do invite you to actively contribute by downloading the Global Fleet Survey now, and consider participating in the 2024 edition of this collaborative initiative between fleet managers and the supply chain.

Authored by: Yves Helven