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25 Nov 19

Global survey reveals vital role of Travel Manager

Travel Managers work closely with crucial departments, decide on key issues and make important payment decisions, a recent survey by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) shows. “Their role and skillset continue to evolve and be vital to the overall success of their companies,” says Scott Solombrino, GBTA Executive Director and COO.

Conducted in partnership with BCD Travel, the GBTA survey in April and May of this year quizzed Travel Managers and other corporate stakeholders from North and Latin America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Some of the most striking results:

Wide collaborations

Travel Managers widely collaborate with their corporate stakeholders; in particular with these departments:

  • Finance/Accounting: 79%
  • Human Resources: 66%
  • Security/Risk Management: 63%
  • C-Level (i.e. top executives): 61%
  • Legal/Compliance: 59%

Travel Managers share data with some departments – but much less so with others, even though these also make important decisions related to Travel; here’s how many Travel Managers “frequently” or “regularly” share data with the following departments:

  • Finance/Accounting: 70%
  • C-Level: 66%
  • Security/Risk Management: 50%
  • Human Resources: 39%
  • Sales: 30%

Decision takers

In some fields, Travel Managers are the key decision-makers. Share of Travel Managers that say their department is the primary owner of the following fields:

  • Travel Risk Management: 58%
  • Communication with travellers in an emergency: 48%

In other fields, Travel Managers play a more supporting role. Globally, 68% say they or someone from their team serves on a cross-departmental committee. Those committees address:

  • Travel policies: 84%
  • Expense policies: 70%
  • Safety/Risk Management: 66%
  • Technology: 48%

Payment decisions

Quite a few Travel departments have the ability to make payment decisions. No less than 55% of Travel Managers that say their department is the primary owner of one or more of these fields:

  • Deciding expense policies for Travel: 43%
  • Selecting expense management tools: 38%
  • Configuring the expense management tool: 38%

“These survey results suggest that by more robustly engaging with stakeholders, Travel Managers can illuminate their value for everyone else across their enterprises,” concludes Miriam Moscovici, Senior Director, Research and Corporate Innovation at BCD Travel. 

Authored by: Caroline Thonnon