14 Jul 20

Jorge Fernández: “You can be the next Global Fleet Manager of the Year!”

The 2019 Global Fleet Manager of the Year, Jorge Fernández (Roche), believes the awards are an excellent opportunity to give exposure to your strategy and to grow personally. This year, it could be you!

Fleet and mobility policies the world over have been disrupted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Challenging as this may be, it also provides fleet and mobility managers with an excellent opportunity to showcase how they deal with unexpected events and with crises.

Have you implemented a successful global fleet strategy? Apply for the 2020 Global Fleet Manager of the Year Award.

Why should fleet managers apply for this Award? 

Jorge Fernández: “Firstly, you obtain a clear benefit by giving exposure to your strategy and by benchmarking in front of a diverse range of experts in the industry, from fleet manager peers to leasing companies, car manufacturers, mobility experts... and of course specialised media professionals. It is therefore a unique opportunity to receive direct, creative and constructive feedback from a group that combines the highest level of expertise.”

“On the personal side, you deliver the best of your personal skills and gain strong benefits from an experience that certainly makes you grow. On top of all this... you could win an award!”

What advice do you have for the fleet managers who want to apply for this award and what do they need to highlight in their candidacy?

“Firstly, is to build a positive mindset: you have nothing to lose and a lot to win. Participation already means recognition for your work. You will at least grow personally and will have the opportunity to receive candid feedback by various experts that you would not be able to access in other circumstances.”

“It is important to be very clear and focus on the facts and tangible outcomes. It is not a matter of presenting the solution for everything and everyone – it’s about explaining the situation you addressed, your plan, the outcomes and the impact for your company.”

What has winning this award brought to you in your career and your fleet management project?

“You certainly feel more confident with your strategy, which also gains additional credibility internally within your company and externally. Of course you get more exposure and this obviously helps you to connect with your current vendors and also with potential new ones.”

“There is an increased interest in knowing what you are doing that facilitates intense networking activities where you exchange knowledge with peers and industry experts. This becomes an educational process with specific and customised content for you that finally translates into enrichment for your projects.”

How do you believe the role of the fleet manager will evolve with the restart after COVID-19 and the move into the New Normal of our business? 

“During the pandemic fleet managers may take the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership by making use of their expertise and specialised knowledge to blueprint the path their fleets and mobility processes are following while working hard on the preparation for the New Normal.”

Apply for the 2020 Global Fleet Manager of the Year Award

Image: Jorge Fernández holding his 2019 Global Fleet Manager of the Year Award

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck