1 Mar 23

Learn more about the future of global leasing at this unique Global Fleet Conference panel

Any day now, ALD will announce that it has completed its acquisition of LeasePlan. It’s the biggest deal in the global fleet landscape of this century so far. And it’s sure to have an impact on the future of global leasing. That’s why the Global Fleet Conference (GFC) is proud to announce that it is bringing together the leadership of the two main global business mobility alliances. 

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As the Editor in Chief of Global Fleet, I will have the pleasure of hosting this panel discussion, with:

Tim Albertsen, CEO of ALD Automotive,
Shlomo Crandus, CEO of Wheels, 
David Madrigal, EVP and CCO of Element Fleet Management, and
Alain Van Groenendael, Chairman and CEO of Arval

Of course, ALD and Wheels form one global alliance, while Element and Arval form another. That should make for some fascinating and insightful conversation. Together with this distinguished panel, we’ll have a look at the future of those alliances. And at the future of leasing itself. Because we have questions:

  • Will the merger of ALD and LeasePlan create a business mobility giant that will shake up the global fleet and lease market?  
  • Can other leasing and fleet management companies stay competitive – and if so, how? 
  • What's to expect in the future for global leasing and fleet management?
  • And what are the opportunities for global fleets to smartly progress with their sustainability targets in 2023 and beyond?

Come find out the answers to these questions – and others – at the executive panel discussion, which will be a highlight of the Global Fleet Conference 2023, from 15 to 17 May in Cascais, Portugal. 

It’s not every day you get the chance to experience this many top global leasing and mobility executives together on the same stage. To add to that thrill, why not submit your own question to this executive panel? 

If you have one, let me know before 15 March at: sschoefs@nexuscommunication.be. If it’s a good one, I’ll put it to my four guests. See you in Cascais!

Click here for more info on the Global Fleet Conference programme and click here to register.