20 Jul 22

Otonomo enhances offering on AppExchange

Otonomo has updated its app on Salesforce AppExchange. The update gives its customers new ways to access accurate mobility data, for single vehicles as well as entire fleets. The new features include distance tracking, geofencing, enhanced driver safety and a dispatching function.

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Based in Israel and present in North America and Europe, Otonomo is a platform that generates mobility services for providers in the transport, mobility, insurance and automotive industries. It does so by turning mobility data – from connected vehicles, mobile phones, public transport, EV infrastructure and MaaS – into strategic assets and market advantages.

Cloud marketplace

The company’s products and services are on offer via Salesforce’s AppExchange, a leading cloud marketplace offering software solutions to corporate issues. AppExchange has more than 7,000 listings and 10 million customer installs. Using Otonomo’s updated app, customers can access accurate mobility data in new ways, using Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. 

“(The app’s enhanced) capabilities deliver connected fleet data to our customers’ fingertips, while keeping driver safety and operational efficiency top of mind”, says Anders Truelsen, Chief Revenue Officer at Otonomo. 

New features and capabilities

Here are some of the Otonomo app’s new features and capabilities:

  • Distance tracking. Records and reports time and distance, both for standalone vehicles and for entire fleets. This simplifies billing and reimbursement in terms of time on-site and distances driven. The app also creates trip summaries and dashboards for each vehicle or fleet. 
  • Geofencing. Digitally enforces physical boundary areas, tracking when and where vehicles enter and exit. This can trigger Salesforce workflows to send email notifications of the activity.
  • Enhanced driver safety. Via the identification of events such as accelerations, speeding, harsh braking, and more. Fleets can use this feature to trigger actions in Salesforce, for example sending an email when drivers exceed certain speeds.  
  • Dispatching. Manage service calls via Salesforce’s Service Cloud, which provides dispatch teams with full visibility on all vehicle locations and the ability to sort vehicles by distance, for more efficient service call management.

Monitoring fuel levels throughout your fleet - just one of the options available via the updated Otonomo app.

Leveraging Salesforce’s automation capabilities, the updated Otonomo app provides customers with greater flexibility and usability and easier integration into existing Salesforce instances. Using software-based telematics from OEM connected car data, the app’s end users get a solution without external hardware that allows them to track and manage their vehicles. 

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Images: Otonomo, Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs