29 Apr 21

Sixt: "We see fast growing demand for flexible fleet solutions"

On 12 May, Global Fleet takes you on a trip around the world of fleet & mobility for the 2021 Global Fleet Conference. Florian von Klier, Senior Director Global Innovations & Solutions at Global Fleet Conference sponsor Sixt, answered a few questions on the trends in global fleet and mobility management.

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Why and how can fleet managers include flexible mobility into their corporate strategy?

"The New Normal and strict emission targets demand innovative flexible fleet solutions. Today's employees want different mobility solutions for their ever-changing mobility needs: e.g. the option to drive predominantly electrically but to switch to combustion engine or hybrid if necessary. Moreover, fewer and fewer company car users are willing to pay the full taxation for less mobility demand and mileage (due to the increase of working from home). In addition, we see the logical continuation of the development towards pay as use which "allows the fleet to breathe"."

What are the main trends impacting the European and global fleet market with what impact for fleet customers?

"The years 2020 and 2021 will be characterised, among other things, by a change in mobility behaviour: lower mileage, a strong trend towards digital purchasing channels, high cost pressure now coupled with a focus on fleet reduction, a focus on sustainability and therefore on building a fleet with different drive trains. We see a fast growing demand for flexible fleet solutions and a clear long-term trend towards Mobility as a Service."

What can fleet and mobility customers expect from Sixt in 2021?

"As a global mobility provider, Sixt has digitised all rental processes over the years. On this basis, the premium car subscription and various flexible fleet solutions were launched in 2020. In addition, our business customers can use fully digitalised digital implants at their premises (elimination of delivery & collection). At the same time, we are constantly expanding our car sharing locations, pushing ahead with expansion in the US and continuing the digitalisation of all relevant processes."

Photo: Florian von Klier, Senior Director Global Innovations & Solutions, Sixt

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck