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20 Dec 18

Top 10 most read articles on Global Fleet

At the end of the year, Global Fleet looks back on the most read articles of 2018. The geographic spread was as wide as is our coverage, with articles dedicated to Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The Global Fleet community was particularly interested in new technologies and new services that could impact policies and help optimise global fleet management practice. An overview.

Finally, a list of Chinese EV manufacturers

Reading about the developments of EVs in China might become confusing. There seem to be new players on an almost daily basis, companies like Alibaba & Tencent are all but shy to invest left and right and the global OEM’s have joint ventures with many of the Chinese players.



WIKIFLEET is a free collaborative encyclopaedia about car fleet management. It provides essential knowledge of what you need to know about fleet markets in the world in 12 chapters for each country. It is updated regularly to reflect all changes in taxation, legislation and innovation that impact fleet and mobility management.


10 European trends for 2018

The trends we predicted for 2018: car sales up, diesel dip continues, diesel fleet sales down, alternative powertrains up, premiumisation of fleets, outsourcing is trending, pay-per-use models increase, connectivity versus privacy, mobility management takes off, internationalisation leads to globalisation.


Tesla and Saudi Arabia... cooperation?

Are Saudi Arabia and Tesla Motors secretly working together on the development of electric cars? Elon Musk knows the answer to this question, but the chief executive officer of Tesla of course will not give it. What's going on? Little by little it is becoming clear that oil and other fossil energy sources have reached their peaks, and that alternative energy sources are taking their place little by little. 


Electric vehicles are coming, but is Brazil ready

Just like laptop computers and cell phones, the cars of the future will be run on electric powered batteries. However, while countries like Germany, France, England, China, the United States, and many others are preparing for this transition, what is happening in Latin America’s largest economy, Brazil?


Mirella Juarez, Arrend Leasing: Keys to improving Central America

Despite problems such as traffic congestion and a political crisis in parts of Central America, new regulations, environmental consciousness, and fiscal incentives are among the keys to improving matters in the ever-growing region, says Mirella Juarez who is the CEO of Guatemala-based automobile leasing company Arrend Leasing.


Will Brazil’s “Rota 2030” policy be ready in 2018?

Brazil’s federal government is hashing out last minute details for a plan to launch logistics and mobility program Rota 2030, a 12-year extension to its existing five-year program known as Inovar-Auto.


Global Fleet Directory

The Global Fleet Directory offers an exhaustive overview of all the providers in the business, classified by country, region and type of expertise.


How Alibaba and Tencent redesigned venture capital

For those who know China or like to read about developments in the Chinese NEV and mobility sector, know that only 2 names really matter: Tencent and Alibaba. Both tech giants make the entire start-up scene look like an episode of “The Voice”. Someone yells “I’m the new Tesla”, a seat turns around and 100 million dollar is on the table.


Eric Pulido, AXA Mexico: Providing insurance for Uber drivers, passengers

International ride-hailing company Uber is expanding throughout the world and one of its concerns is making sure its drivers and passengers are insured during trips. As such, the Mexican unit of Paris-based insurance company AXA has recently closed a deal with the multinational.
AXA deputy director of business development, Eric Pulido, touches base with Global Fleet on this issue and others.


Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck