7 Jun 19

Top 10 tips of Global Fleet Conference 2019

The 2019 Global Fleet Conference in Miami highlighted a slew of topics but here are 10 key tips that you should pay attention to, according to talks from vehicle fleet and mobility experts and executives representing some of the world’s largest multi-national commercial fleets.


1. Embrace digital: Remember that big data, IoT, telematics and all that good stuff helps improve efficiency and reporting. Data is key. Don’t be afraid.

2. Keep it simple: Use data but don’t overdo it. Don’t gather unnecessary information. Also, limit the number of models in your fleet as well as mobility options.

3. Prepare for the transition to mobility manager: Think of your employees. Consider new alternatives such as e-bikes, especially in congested cities. This, however, is more common in Europe.

4. Diesel down, EV up: No doubt diesel is down in Europe but it is not dead, especially for long commutes. Electric and hybrids, however, are certainly on the rise despite their low market share.

5. Safety is key in Latin America: Unlike some other countries, remember that keeping your drivers safe from harm (car-jacking) is of concern throughout the region. This does open up opportunities, however. Learn more at 2019 Fleet Latam Conference in Mexico City 23-25 September. 

6. Concrete information crucial: There is a Large need for information and the right contacts in some regions of the world. check out Global Fleet’s WikiFleet and Directory.

7. Looking to the future is fun, but let’s stay real: We all love seeing the new EVs and autonomous vehicles but keep grounded. Let’s look for real solutions of today, or maybe next year.

8. Define a roadmap to go global: You gain leverage in numbers. Set objectives, measure the baseline, and remember that KPIs are crucial. Join the Global Fleet Managers club. Speak to chief editor Steven Schoefs to find out more.

9. One size does not fit all: Keep in mind that countries are different. Know the local culture. Not all legislation is the same. Maturity levels are different. Some multinationals are struggling in APAC.

10. Finally, join us at the 2020 Global Fleet Conference 26-27 May in Rome. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Authored by: Daniel Bland