15 Feb 18

What’s the company car budget in Brazil?

The average budget of a company car issued to corporate presidents and VPs in Brazil is 180,500 reais (US$56,000).

However, in 35% of the cases, companies do allow cars above 200,000 reais, according to local consultancy Carreira Muller which carried out a study on 68 national and multinational companies in the country. 

Meanwhile, directors are benefited with cars that average 135,000 reais, senior managers (79,570 reais), and managers (68,200 reais). Most of the cars are acquired through direct sales to the company.

Fiat leads Brazil in direct corporate car sales with 26.6% of the market. It is followed by Volkswagen with 18.9% and Chevrolet with 12.8%.

While some of the most common cars acquired are the Volkswagen Jetta and Chevrolet Cruze (both under 100,000 reais), non-executive light commercial vehicles (LCV) are dominated by Fiat. The most popular LCV’s are the Doblo and Fiorino.

Photo: Brazil currency (Source: AFP)


Authored by: Daniel Bland