13 Jul 20

Business Networking Group prepares Fleet LatAm Conference 2020

The Business Networking Group (BNG) of Fleet LatAm held its latest meeting on Thursday (9 July), counting on the participation of founding partners and members representing fleet and mobility from around the globe.

Chaired by BNG president Pascal Serres along with Fleet LatAm CEO Caroline Thonnon and Head of Innovation Sven Van Rossum, the online discussion was mainly focused on preparing for the upcoming Fleet LatAm Conference 2020.

To start off, Mr. Serres updated participants on the latest developments under Fleet LatAm, briefly covering the BNG, the Advisory Board, and the monthly Expert Insights being published by the Fleet LatAm Institute.

Before diving into details of the upcoming Fleet LatAm Conference, key information from the recently accomplished Global Fleet Conference 2020 “virtual” was divulged.

The five-week event counted on more than 1,500 participants, 59 speakers, 23 sessions, and 1,040 minutes of content. A total of 437 fleet managers participated, collectively responsible for some 2 million vehicles worldwide with an average fleet size of 4,960.

Fleet LatAm Conference 2020

Focused on networking, best practice sharing and innovation, the Fleet LatAm Conference is considered the only event in Latin America specifically focused on international fleet and mobility. It is targeted at the largest fleet operators and mobility suppliers in the region.

Despite original plans to hold the conference in Mexico City, Fleet LatAm has decided to go virtual this year due to the global crisis which has been hindering the accomplishment of live events and traveling around the globe.

As such, the event will be 100% online, an efficient and convenient alternative which requires no traveling. Being done in partnership with international telematics firm Geotab, the two-day event will take place 29-30 September.

It will cover expert content - both live and on demand - in various formats, among them being keynote presentations, deep dive and best practice webinars, virtual panel discussions, 10-minute podcasts, and speed dating sessions with founding partners for lead generating. Sessions are being prepared in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

As for the theme, the conference will address the current market scenario with a positive mindset. It will focus on preparing fleet and mobility managers in Latin America for the new normal, to include finding ways to benefit from international scale.

While the first day will be targeted on safety and security for people, vehicles and goods, the second day will be focused on opportunities in the region, including those related to connectivity, mobility, and new powertrains such as electric and hybrid vehicles.

More specific developments in the program will be defined by BNG founders following the results of a fleet and mobility manager survey scheduled in August. Stay tuned for updates to Fleet LatAm Conference 2020 “virtual” in the coming weeks!  

If you are interested in being part of the Business Networking Group, contact Pascal Serres at pserres@nexuscommunication.be

photo: Fleet LatAm collaborators at Fleet LatAm Conference 2019 in Mexico City (source: Fleet LatAm)

Authored by: Daniel Bland