27 Oct 21

Fleet LatAm Business Networking Group wrapping up 2021

The Business Networking Group (BNG) of Fleet LatAm forges ahead, wrapping up its last meeting on 14 September and preparing for its next one on 30 November.

Aimed at facilitating networking, increasing awareness, and providing visibility to its members, BNG sets up dedicated think tanks on specific topics with its members every other month. Basically, these bi-monthly meetings revolve around ensuring efficient fleet and mobility solutions throughout the Latam region.

September BNG

Led by Fleet LatAm Chairman Pascal Serres and supported by Global Fleet Editor Steven Schoefs and Fleet LatAm Editor Daniel Bland who gave insight on the upcoming Fleet Latam schedule, the talks in September revolved around updating attendees on the overall scenario in Latin America. 

left to right:  Pascal Serres - Daniel Bland - Steven Schoefs 

Special focus was put on the sanitation situation (post-COVID preparedness), economic performance, and automobile markets throughout the region.  Joining us in the talks were Milad Kalume Neto who is Business Development Manager for JATO Dynamics based out of Brazil as well as Credito Real Mexico CEO Thierry Merienne.

Also giving presentations were BNG members Hector Michel who is commercial deputy manager for Mexico-based IT services company Resser and Sergio Jabali from Brazil who is executive speaker for fleet management training institute, PARAR, as well as CTO for local telematics firm Golsat.

November BNG

On the last Tuesday of the month (30 November), Fleet LatAm will be hosting the next BNG meeting. It will be chaired by Pascal Serres and supported by Daniel Bland who will give feedback on the latest Fleet LatAm Conference which took place on 21 September and point out the upcoming Global Fleet Conference on 2 December.

The topic of the day will revolve around new mobility schemes such as car-sharing and car-pooling and address some of the data published in the latest Global Fleet survey and e-book.

Speaking in this session will be Arturo Simone who is CEO of South American car-sharing company Awto, Craig Berndt who is business development manager for shared mobility for IoT and telematics firm Geotab, and Tania Mijas who is Senior Category Lead (Travel, Fleet, Congresses, Meetings, Events) for the Americas at Hoffmann La Roche - Genentech as well as Fleet LatAm Manager of the Year

The two BNG members giving presentations this time around represent Brazil. They are Paulo Miguel who is President of the country’s car rental association ABLA and Mauro Kondo who is Founder of fleet management and mobility platform Fleet Mobility Brasil as well as Head of fleet management IT solutions company Pro-Frotas. 


Authored by: Daniel Bland