21 May 23

Fleet LatAm names new VP and welcomes new board members

Fleet LatAm, the Latin America arm of Global Fleet, has named Paula Diniz Oliveira as its new Vice President and Alberto Mancillas and David Trujillo as its newest Advisory Board Members.

The announcement was made by Fleet LatAm President Pascal Serres after the latest Fleet LatAm Expert Meeting held at the 2023 Global Fleet Conference in Portugal.

Ms. Oliveira (pictured left), who heads fleet for multinational pharmaceutical company Zoetis, is taking over for Rodrigo Monroy as he has been offered a promotion and will no longer be in charge of fleet at Novartis pharmaceuticals.

“I want to thank Rodrigo for his contribution to FleetLatam and wish him a lot of success in his new position. And I am very pleased to announce that Paula has accepted the role. Let’s all wish her great success in this new position,” says Mr. Serres. 

An experienced Regional Facilities and Global Fleet Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry, Ms. Oliveira has been with Zoetis for more than 10 years. She previously worked for multinationals such as Pfizer, Johnson Controls, and Nestlé. 

Advisory Board Members

With more than 15 years of experience with Operations & Supply Chain Management, Mr. Mancillas is currently fleet manager in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil for global electrification and automation company ABB. As for Mr. Trujillo he is in his 12th year at pharmaceutical company MSD and is accountable for environmental health and safety (EHS) offices throughout Latin America, including motor vehicle safety programs. He is also the 2022 Fleet LatAm Manager of the Year.

They now join the ranks of four fleet managers, the others being Ms. Oliveira above and Karina Uribe who is Fleet and Travel regional manager for Latin America at Pfizer pharmaceuticals. See the 12 original board members here

Alberto Mancillas and David Trujillo

“Our Latin America session at the Global Fleet Conference on Monday (15 May) was a success and I want to thank Manuel Tamayo [Element Fleet Management], Kent Bjertrup [ALD Automotive], Ricardo de Bolle [Arval], Juan Cardona [Geotab], David Trujillo [MSD], and Paula Diniz Oliveira [Zoetis] for coming to Portugal to share experiences with participants from all over the world,” Mr. Serres said.

Details regarding the upcoming 2023 Fleet LatAm conference in Mexico City on 25-26 September were discussed with advisory board members in Portugal. Stay tuned for more information. 

Pascal Serres and Rodrigo Monroy

Photos: (source: Fleet LatAm)


Authored by: Daniel Bland