5 Sep 19

Fleet LatAm Training to lecture on regional tendering of vehicles

Launching a vehicles acquisition tender for any fleet manager in Latin America needs to be well thought out, especially when it comes to contracts spread out over multiple countries.


Hoping that best practices across a region will eventually merge without problems could end up being very costly, both in terms of direct costs and lost opportunities. As such, Fleet LatAm has prepared a training session on 25 September which addresses the challenges and strategies of regional vehicle tendering.


Presentations will be made by Ricardo De Bolle who is Global Business Development Director (Latin America) for international vehicle leasing company Arval and Kevin Kibilds who is Fleet Manager (Mexico) for multinational pharmaceuticals firm MSD. Both are standing members of the Fleet LatAm advisory board.


One of the goals a fleet manager must accomplish first is finding the most cost-effective way(s) of tendering and purchasing. Therefore, tender requirements and contract details need to be prepared appropriately. This includes establishing key performance indicators, addressing regional fleet safety issues, and merging international standards with local requirements.


Among the topics to be discussed during the lecture are determining which contract details should be kept local and which should be harmonized across regions, optimizing control over services offered, and taking advantage of economies of scale, according to the session plan.


Taking place on 25 September, more than 10 training sessions have been scheduled, a full day of lectures and workshops aimed at fleet managers with multi-country responsibilities in Latin America. It follows Fleet LatAm Conference which is taking place from 23-24 September, both occurring at the JW Marriott hotel in Mexico City.

JW Marriott hotel, Mexico City (source: JW Marriott)



Authored by: Daniel Bland