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3 Jul 19

Internationalising your fleet in Latin America at first Fleet LatAm Conference

During the 2019 Fleet LatAm conference to kick off on September 23 in Mexico City, the first session to be discussed will give fleet managers the keys to internationalising their fleet in Latin America.

Three discussions are schedule in the morning. They are: Unlocking the benefits of an international fleet strategy; Benchmarking your fleet to identify the right car policy; and Insight into fleet sales and the fleet organisation of car manufacturers.


In terms of benefits, specially selected speakers will show how setting up a regional strategy for companies with subsidiaries in various countries can improve cost efficiency, harmonization, and transparency within your organisation, a must for any fleet manager.


During the session, seasoned fleet managers will detail the do’s and don’ts of a LatAm wide fleet programme and explain the building blocks of their fleet strategy.

Also taking place in the morning is a talk on benchmarking. To be competitive, your fleet programme and employee benefit policy must match, if not exceed, what your competitors are offering.

Discussions, some of which will be moderated by Fleet LatAm advisory board chairman Pascal Serres, will include company car benefit, eligible fleet vehicles, leasing budget v.s. cash allowances, and the differences in vehicle fleet policies among industries.

Pascal Serres (source: Fleet LatAm)


Finally, valuable insight on selecting the right car manufacturer will also be shared at the conference.

Besides eying market specifications and powertrain, connectivity, and safety equipment trends, it will address internal factors such as your business objectives, driver profile, and vehicle policy (performance, safety, and “green” initiative) in addition to external factors such as fleet services, geographical scope, and car manufacturer organisation.


The session will include talks about OEM fleet sales in Latin America, including discussions by key car manufacture executives.


Fleet LatAm conference 2019 will be held at the JW Marriot hotel in Mexico City 23-24 September. It will be followed by Fleet LatAm training on September 25. Take advantage of this opportunity by registering here. See you soon!


Authored by: Daniel Bland