25 Jul 19

Join group talks at Fleet LatAm training 2019

On 25 September, just after the 2019 Fleet LatAm Conference taking place in Mexico City from 23-24 September, a full-day training session for automobile fleet managers with multi-country responsibilities in Latin America will take place.


Besides a total of seven lectures, a morning roundtable discussion and two workshops are scheduled.


The roundtable will address the best practices of fleet funding via open-end and closed-end finance solutions, based on the North American and European practices, respectively, including an open discussion on the fleet management and the leasing solutions currently offered in Latin America,


The objective of the training session is to inform attendees as to what there is to know about the funding methods offered today and making sure they are choosing the solution that is best for their future strategy.


Just before the networking lunch break will be a workshop on the different fleet policies in the region and the results obtained in different companies. For Fleet LatAm, to know is to share and to share is to learn. As such, there is o better way than to learn from your peers.


In this workshop, discussions among small groups will be organized.


Fleet LatAm expert meeting, October 2018 in São Paulo (source: Fleet LatAm)


Finally, for the last session of the day, Fleet LatAm will organize discussions among small groups about existing practices on safety. Talks will involve addressing ways to deal with safety in a corporate environment, strategies to setting up of a safety program, and highlighting the key factors to keeping your program going forward.

Following the session will be a final evaluation and a closing of the training day. For the full Fleet LatAm training program, visit here.  

Authored by: Daniel Bland