4 Dec 19

Nestlé, benchmarking car policy in Mexico

Although trying to benchmark car policy across Latin America is a tall task, developing a nationwide policy in Mexico alone is a challenge due to its sheer size, according to Alberto Arellano who is the Jr. Fleet & Facilities Manager in Mexico for international food and beverage company Nestlé.

Each state has its own legislation when it comes to driver licensing procedures and other documentation. As such, micro-managing is sometimes necessary, and the company’s operations can differ among states.

map of Mexico and its states (source: Shutterstock)

“We need to make sure that all services and products are available to suit our needs in all states and, developing a nation-wide policy would be ideal,” Mr. Arellano told Fleet LatAm.

In terms of fleet management, the company used to depend on in-house specialist approximately seven years ago, but since then, it has changed to outsourcing.

“Our third-party leasing company [Element Fleet management] now takes care of managing our fleet. It has a huge number of vehicles and has a good relationship with governments. We leverage this network and the knowledge that comes with it to provide a better fleet for our company,” says the fleet manager.

In Mexico, 85% of Nestlé’s fleet is made up of tool cars (e.g. operational vehicles such as cars, trucks, and vans for salespeople and technicians) and the remaining 15% are benefit cars. Alberto Arellano is responsible for a fleet of approximately 1,500 vehicles.

Authored by: Daniel Bland