27 Nov 18

Spotlight: Fleet LatAm Expert Meeting Barcelona

During the fourth Fleet LatAm expert meeting in Barcelona just ahead of the Fleet Europe Summit 2018, a total of six speakers aimed at informing global fleet executives and mobility professionals gave attendees a better view of what’s taking place in the region during a four-session presentation on November 26.

Follow an opening by Fleet LatAm advisory board president Pascal Serres, session one was led by Fleet LatAm editor Daniel Bland talking about 2018 Highlights in the region, giving participants an idea of Latin America politics, economy, risk factors, events in the fleet leasing and automotive industry, and new mobility initiatives.

Session two on Safety Concerns was presented by Gil Ayalon, EMEA director of Intel’s ADAS subsidiary Mobileye and Patrick Hekkert who is director for international traffic accident control company CEPA Safe Drive (CEPA).

Besides presenting some of the solutions available from Mobileye such as Mobileye FCW (Forward Collision Warning) and Mobileye HMW (Headway Monitor Warning), Ayalon provided statistics on the deaths due to road accidents in Latin America.

“In Brazil, a little more than 42,000 deaths occur per year resulting in an estimated 1.2% GDP loss from these crashes and in Mexico, nearly 18,000 deaths occur, affecting GDP by some 2.2%,” said Ayalon, accrediting the statistics to the World Health Organization.

Gil Alayon, Mobileye (Source: Fleet LatAm)

Hekkert added other data regarding the causes of traffic accident deaths and explained some of the management and integration procedures recommended through CEPA consultation.

“Among them are auditing results, assessing your company’s situation by knowing the procedures, risks, and reality of your organization, carrying out your action plan by performing the recommended actions, making adjustments in accordance with the reality, and finally proposing best practices,” said Hekkert.

Patrick Hekkert, CEPA (Source: Fleet LatAm)

Regarding session 3 regarding Understanding the Mexican Fleet Market, special information on the second largest automobile fleet market was presented by David Madrigal who is the president of Element Fleet Management corporation in Mexico.

Following general information regarding Mexico’s economic scenario, one of the topics the executive covered was automotive sales, explaining that 216,000 of the 1.5mn in light vehicles sales in 2017 were dedicated to fleet.

“Although Nissan is the best-selling brand overall in the country followed by General Motors and Volkswagen, fleet sales are led by Volkswagen with Nissan trailing closely behind and then FCA,” said Madrigal.

David Madrigal, Element Fleet Management (Source: Fleet LatAm)


As for session 4, which was on Car Policy Comparison, it was presented by Kent Bjertrup who is the regional director Latam for automobile leasing and fleet management company ALD Automotive.

Besides providing information on car policy in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru, the executive highlighted some of the car fleet differences between Latin America and other regions such as Europe.

"In Latin America, the fleet car is more of a business tool, whereas in Europe its used more for employee compensation. Moreover, fleet solutions are based more on a flexible cost-plus model in Latin America where strategies are optimized along the way, whereas Europe is fixed price with more certainties," said Bjertrup.

Kent Bjertrup, ALD Automotive (Source: Fleet LatAm)

Finally, Serres wrapped up the talks by informing the attendees of next year’s Fleet three-day Latam conference to take place in Mexico in April.

It will cover topics such as internationalising fleet management and the international trends in fleet and mobility influencing LatAm, implementing telematics to optimize safety, as well other issures related to mobility and vehicle management.

“Among the training topics to be offered at the event are those related to car policies, tendering, financing methods, safety, implementing telematics, TCO, and other workshops," Serres said.

Hope to see you there!

Authored by: Daniel Bland