11 Sep 19

Tips to prepare for Fleet LatAm Conference and Training

The very first Fleet LatAm Conference in Mexico City is less than two weeks away, so here are a few last-minute tips to prepare yourself for the international event.

First of all, know the program. Taking place 23-24 September, you will hear and learn from leading experts and peers in fleet and mobility. Basically, it is based on four building blocks which feature lectures, roundtables, and workshops.


  • Vehicle fleet harmonization and internationalization
  • The importance of safety management
  • The benefits of technology and a connected fleet
  • Global fleet and mobility trends that will impact your LatAm strategy

Before arriving, notate the most important speakers you would like to meet with. Totaling more than 24, they include fleet managers and executives from automakers, leasing companies, and more. Approximately 150 attendees are expected at the event.


Following the conference will be a full day of Training on Wednesday the 25th specifically for fleet managers in Latin America with multi-country responsibilities. Best practices will be shared and discussed by students and lecturers, and the goal is to answer all fleet and mobility management questions. Approximately 40 attendees are expected.

Finally, make sure you make use of the Fleet LatAm conference mobile app tool. First download the Attendify mobil app, and then register for the Fleet LatAm conference. Once registered, use the tool to organize your days at the event, set up meetings, and communicate with other event participants. 



Feel free to contact the Fleet LatAm team (in English, Spanish, or Portuguese) if needed. Among those to be present are Chief Editor of Global Fleet Steven Shoeffs, Chairman of the Fleet Latam advisory board Pascal Serres, Head of Fleet LatAm training Jose Luis Criado, and Fleet LatAm Editor Daniel Bland.

Besides networking with your peers, our goal is for you to come out of the conference and training with enhanced knowledge and new insights which will optimize your fleet and mobility programs. Prepare yourselves, keep these tips in mind, and see you there!

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Authored by: Daniel Bland