15 May 18

Advantage of LatAm regional fleet operations

When it comes to business expansion, one key advantage Latin America has over other large multinational regions in the world is language, founder of Madrid-based Mobility Consultants Jose Luís Criado told Global Fleet in an interview.


Over the last 20 years, many international fleet management and mobility companies have been expanding their operations throughout Latin America and, according to Ernst & Young, the largest market in the region (Brazil) is currently ranked No. 2 worldwide (only behind the U.S.) in terms of places to invest. 

“While Latin American countries face infrastructure challenges which are not as apparent in more developed markets such as western Europe, one thing I found that makes it easier is the homoginization of language,” said Criado who is also a member of the Global Fleet Advisory Board Latin America.


Considering the 19 main markets throughout the region, 18 speak the same language (Spanish). Moreover, most Brazilians – who speak Portuguese - understand Spanish, the executive said.


Authored by: Daniel Bland