1 Oct 19

Share Now re-evaluates business

By the end of the year, the short-term rental cars of Share Now will no longer drive around in five major North American cities. 

The cars of Share Now – previously known as Car2Go – are leaving the streets of Austin, Texas; Calgary, Alberta; Portland, Ore.; Denver and Chicago by the end of the year.

The restructuring comes unexpected since Share Now has only been created in February as a result and a part of the broader mobility joint venture between Mercedes and BMW. Yet both companies claim to have underestimated the investments needed in this kind of business in the fast-changing mobility landscape. Yet, the services of Share Now will continue in more successful free-floating carshare cities such as New York, Washington, Montreal, Vancouver and Seattle. 

Share Now is not the only car sharing company adapting to the ever-changing mobility market. Previously similar stories have been seen by car sharing services of other OEMs such as Ford’s Canvas, and GM’s Maven and Cadillac. 

Find out more about the mobility vision of Share Now during the Fleet Europe Summit in Estoril on November 7, where Share Now CEO Olivier Reppert will share his view with us. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen