7 May 22

LeasePlan USA ranks most EV ready states in new study

Multinational Car-as-a Service company LeasePlan has released the results of its EV Readiness Index for the USA, a valuable insight for fleet managers which gives an overview of the electric vehicle (EV) transition across all 50 states and the District of Colombia.

While LeasePlan has published an annual European version of the index since 2018, this is a first ever Index for the US market.

Through assessing the balance of EVs and public chargers with a considerable focus on driver experience, the index found that no state is fully ready, public charging infrastructure lags, and that climate has a lot to do with EV readiness.

Basically, it ranks states on a weighted scale (1-5 points) based on five factors:  favorable state legislation and incentives; EV penetration; charger to vehicle ratio; public charger availability; and climate suitability.

The most EV ready states are Nevada, Mississippi, and Hawaii, mainly due to top scores (5 out of 5) in climate suitability, but also reporting better than average scores in charger suitability. 

As for the least ready, they are Idaho, Alaska, and Minnesota, which got the lowest possible score (1 out of 5) in climate suitability, EV penetration, and charger to vehicle ratio. The first two are also lacking quite a bit in terms of laws and incentives, getting only one point.

Despite the overall ranking, California gets the top spot in terms of EV penetration with nearly 3% of its vehicles being EVs. It is followed by Hawaii (2.2%), and Washington (1.8%). Click here to download the full study.

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Authored by: Daniel Bland