22 Feb 23

Tips to efficient fleet management in North America


Besides focusing on your stakeholders, among the keys to developing a successful fleet policy and achieving efficient operations in North America are focusing on driver management, acquiring vehicles with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), maximizing safety, and achieving environmentally sustainable business operations, according to multi-national fleet managers.

In addition to knowing the differences between the countries in your coverage area, there are a few things you should pay attention to when developing your policy the United States and Canada.

“Focus on stakeholders, TCO-based vehicles, and driver management,” says James Jin (pictured right) who is Global Fleet Procurement Director for pharmaceutical company MSD (Merck in North America). Based out of Somerville, New Jersey, Mr. Jin manages 18,000 vehicles worldwide, of which 4,000 of them are in North America.

“One of the most important keys to achieving successful fleet operations is maintaining a high level of safety,” says Jonathan Kammans (pictured left) who is Associate Director of Fleet & Driver Safety for pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim. Based out of Iron Station, North Carolina, Mr. Kamanns manages 3,480 vehicles in the United States and Canada.


“Sustainability in business operations can mean many things but in fleet, it mainly calls for being environmentally sustainable and the steps to success in North America are practically the same as the rest of the world,” says Keith Scolan (pictured right) who is global fleet manager for multi-industrial manufacturing company ITW.

Based out of Glenview, Illinois, Mr. Scolan manages more than 8,000 vehicles worldwide, most of which are in North America.

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Authored by: Daniel Bland