3 Nov 19

Moovit & Waze to upgrade carpooling worldwide

What if you combine the leading Mobility-as-a-Service app with the largest driver community? This is what is happening now as Moovit and Waze Carpool are joining forces. The result: a carpool project of unprecedented size. 

The carpool services of Waze Carpool, the community-based carpooling service powered by Waze, will be added to the Moovit MaaS app. This will open up their carpool services to millions of users worldwide, starting with pilot projects on Android in the US, Brazil, Mexico, and Israel (iOS is to follow soon). “As we continue to strive to empower people everywhere to get around with peace of mind, Moovit is constantly offering new mobility solutions for its users,” said Nir Erez, Co-founder and CEO of Moovit.

Half a billion users

While the initial stage will already serve millions of commuters, the potential reach is enormous considering that Moovit alone has half a billion users globally, spread over 3,000 cities, 93 countries, and in 45 languages.

The aim: offering users an affordable, convenient, and enjoyable commute by sharing the rides and hence sharing costs. Moreover, the impact will serve the entire mobility system, since sharing rides must result in less cars on the roads, hence less traffic congestion. This will make the commute even more enjoyable. “By riding together, we can all take cars off the road and help decrease traffic and congestion for everyone," said Aron Di Castro, Waze Director of Business Development & Partnerships.

Carpooling with Waze and Moovit step by step: 

  1. Plan the trip: Input starting point and destination, as well as the time they would like to leave in the Moovit app
  2. Find a Waze driver: In the Suggested Routes screen, among Moovit’s other proposed transit and micro-mobility options, Moovit will display any Waze Carpool drivers matching that route at that time
  3. Request a ride: Once Moovit users tap on the drive details, they will be directed to the Waze Carpool app where they can request to join the ride and get notified when the carpool is confirmed
  4. Get ready to carpool: As the carpool begins, users can follow the driver’s progress to the pick-up location using the Waze Carpool app 
  5. Reach your destination: Users can enjoy sharing the road and the costs to get to their destination

The Moovit app can be downloaded for free, and the first carpool ride is also free of charge.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen