12 May 19

23 May: join the IFMI webinar about LCV management and Last Mile

It's a fascinating time for Last-Mile logistics: great changes are happening, and fast. So how do you adapt the management of your LCV fleet to benefit from those changes? That's the topic of this year's much-anticipated first IFMI webinar. Sign up now!

IFMI is short for International Fleet Managers Institute. Its digital masterclasses and live training sessions are highly valued by its target group – corporate fleet managers with international responsibility. 

IFMI's first digital masterclass of the year will take place on 23 May, from 2 pm (CET). Theme: How to adapt your LCV management to the Last-Mile context. 

Online retail has created a boom in delivery services, but also a backlash from local and national governments. Electrification is just one of the strategies that delivery specialists will have to consider in order to stay competitive, as social pressure is leading to a multiplication of rules restricting the access of fossil-fuel (and especially diesel) vehicles into city centres. 

Here's what's on the webinar's agenda:


  • the concept of Last-Mile/Urban Mobility and its evolution;
  • our context and its consequences for goods and passenger traffic into cities;
  • the current landscape of Low and Ultra-Low Emission Zones (LEZs and ULEZs) in the EU.

How to maintain the current supply chain:

  •  E-LCVs as a solution for Last Mile, including:
    • OEM plans to transform LCVs;
    • How urban access restrictions drive the need for E-LCVs;
    • What to consider when opting for E-LCVs; 
    • How to stimulate LCV fleet efficiency; and
  • Other innovative MaaS solutions:
    • micromobility;
    • robots;
    • drones;
    • other developments.

Expert speakers in this webinar are:

  • Nicolas Michel, Senior Consultant Data Intelligence at Arval
  • Mark Lovett, Head of Commercial Vehicles at LeasePlan
  • Mark Cartwright, Head of Vans and LCVs at the Freight Transport Association
  • Jean Mateos, Head of LCV at Arval 

Lock in your attendance by registering now. Attendance is free of charge but is restricted to fleet and mobility customers only. 

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 This webinar is organised with the expertise of the IFMI partners LeasePlan, Arval, Athlon and ALD Automotive, and sponsored by SEAT. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs