8 Apr 20

ALD-Wheels extend global leasing coverage to Japan

Vehicle leasing and fleet management companies ALD and Wheels, who formed a global alliance 10 years ago, have signed a partnership agreement with Mitsubishi Auto Leasing Corporation (MAL) as part of their Asia coverage expansion. This news arrives only a few weeks after the announcement of the launch of a first joint-venture company by ALD and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited in Malaysia to establish a multi-brand, full service operational leasing and fleet management business.

In this new Japan deal, the partners will cooperate in servicing global corporations in Japan. This cooperation includes common participation to global fleet tenders, cross referrals, fleet services such as fuel provision, insurance, accident management, telematics, and global fleet reporting using the ALDNet.com platform.

Serving global companies

“Japan is a very large market for corporate leasing and fleet management services where our clients are looking for improved services and a consistent approach to open collaboration, reporting and TCO savings support. We believe that MAL’s strong customer base, quality of services and strategy to internationalise, make them an excellent partner to serve our global clients in Japan,” says Tim Albertsen,  Chief Executive Officer of ALD (pictured on top, left).

“This new partnership with MAL in Japan is a great step forward for our international clients for whom this market has considerable importance in their global fleet. We’re thrilled to offer our clients the reliable fleet services of MAL,” says Dan Frank, President and CEO of Wheels Inc (pictured on top, right). “The growing footprint of the Alliance in Asia, with the opening in Malaysia, reinforces our leadership position in the geographical coverage we can offer.” 

“We have been reviewing the business of ALD and Wheels with International Key Accounts for nearly one year, and we believe their innovative approach will be a key differentiator for MAL in serving the needs of global corporations in Japan. In the recently announced ‘MAL Medium-Term Management Plan 2021’, we envision MAL evolving into a Mobility Service Company. The new relationship with ALD and Wheels will not only enable MAL to leverage their know-how and global network, provide high-quality services and deliver new value to international clients in Japan, but also support MAL in its endeavor to grow as a global mobility service company,” said Keiichi Toma, President of MAL (pictured, left).   

Copyright pictures: ALD - Wheels Inc.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs