5 Sep 23

ALD|LeasePlan appoints Kent Bjertrup Chief Procurement Officer

ALD|LeasePlan appoints Kent Bjertrup Chief Procurement Officer

The new combined company ALD|LeasePlan has appointed Kent Bjertrup as Chief Procurement Officer, now working out of Luxembourg as of September 2023.

A 22-year veteran of the multinational leasing company, Mr. Bjertrup was previously Regional Director in Latin America where he held the position for six years (2017-2023). 

"During these six years, we (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru) have jointly built a customer focused organisation with regional customer service contacts, regional products, in addition to our traditional local services,” the executive told Global Fleet.

Together with our commercial partners from Wheels, Arrend and AutoCorp we service clients from North America all the way down to South America….and with ALD Automotive's acquisition and integration of LeasePlan in May 2023, we have strengthened our mobility services even further, focusing on electrification, flexibility and digitalization, he added.

“Personally, I've learnt a lot during these past six years in Latin America, and I'm extremely proud of having made new life lasting friendships in these wonderful Latin countries. In the new global role as Chief Procurement Officer for ALD|LeasePlan, I will be leading a central highly professional procurement team, and together with our partners we will be delivering value to our customers and be delivering synergies for our shareholders. This is not a goodbye, but a "hasta luego", to Latin America." said Mr. Bjertrup.

Taking over as Regional Director in Latin America is Frederic Hamain.  See more here. 

photo: Kent Bjertrup (handout)

Authored by: Daniel Bland