19 Nov 21

Merchants Fleet expands with 5,400 electric LCVs

BrightDrop EV410.

Merchants Fleet has announced an order of 5,400 BrightDrop EV410s, designed for long-range delivery services. 

Merchants Fleet wants to meet its clients EV needs while reaching diverse segments to spread fleet electrification. The order will increase the BrightDrop EV fleet of Merchants Fleet to 18,000. The leasing company had announced 12,600 in February.

Designed for last-mile and small payload deliveries, the mid-sized and fast EV410 appears as the lighter version of the bigger BrightDrop EV600. 

BrightDrop EV410 can reach 400 km with a full charge and has already taken Verizon Communications' attention.  

BrightDrop is expected to hasten the fleet electrification in new segments throughout North America and support the AdoptEV program of Merchants Fleet, which was released early this year. 

The program aims to boost the EV consultancy effort of Merchants Fleet for its clients. 

Photo of BrightDrop EV410, courtesy of GM.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen