29 Mar 19

Philippe Heim new Chairman at ALD

The Board of Directors at ALD has appointed Philippe Heim, Deputy CEO of Société Générale, to a mandate of four years as a new Board member in lieu of Gianluca Soma, whose mandate is about to expire. The Board expressed its intention to elect Mr Heim (pictured) as its new Chairman, replacing Didier Hauguel, who will remain as Director.  

The Board has also renewed the Director mandates of Mike Masterson, Patricia Lacoste and Karine Destré-Bohn for an additional four years. The proposed changes are subject to approval at a shareholder meeting on 22 May, at which date ALD's whole management team will be subject to reaffirmation, i.e. Mike Masterson as CEO, and Tim Albertsen and Gilles Bellemère as Deputy CEOs. Additionally, John Saffrett will be approved as Deputy CEO, effective 1 April. 

From 1 June, Mr Bellemère will take on board the role of CEO of ALD Automotive France – the Group's largest subsidiary – in place of Jean-François Chanal, who will be retiring. 

ALD also announced that its Executive Committee will be expanded to include two new members: Hans van Beeck, Head of Investor Relations, who will join as Chief Administrative Officer, tasked with supervising ALD's corporate functions (such as Risk, Compliance, Legal, CSR and Communications); and Guillaume de Léobardy, who will take on the role of Group Regional Director (supervising ALD's regional hubs).  

Authored by: Steven Schoefs