31 Jul 19

ALD-Wheels: best coverage in the industry

The ALD-Wheels Alliance is more than a pact between ALD and Wheels alone. It comprises four more strategic partnerships. With a presence in 43 countries, ALD is the senior partner in the alliance. But those partnerships add a presence in 12 crucial markets, making for a total of 55 markets, in key geographies around the world.  

Members and geography

  • ALD Automotive is a fleet managing and operational car leasing company based in France and centered on Europe, but with activities in China, India and Latin America. By number of contracts, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Société Générale is #1 in Europe and #3 worldwide.
  • Wheels calls itself “the world’s most experienced fleet management company”, and is the market leader in large, complex fleets in North America. 
  • ABSA is a South African bank offering vehicle financing and fleet management services.
  • FleetPartners offers vehicle leases for corporate clients in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Arrend is based in Guatemala and has operations in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica, making it the first regional leasing company in Central America.
  • AutoCorp leases cars and LCVs to corporate customers in Argentina. 

Customer process

The Wheels-ALD alliance mirrors the client’s organization, so they become a global customers when they have a global organization to run their fleets. The alliance then typically appoints a global account manager where the client’s global fleet manager is based – usually either in the US or in Europe. Global governance – aligning strategic goals, defining international strategies, generating strategic insight – is supported by regional and local account managers. 

Customer profile

The alliance has about 50 global clients. Historically, pharmaceutical companies were first adopters of global fleet programmes, but now all sectors are represented. Many fleets have significant numbers of LCVs and trucks. 


  • The Wheels-ALD alliance claims to have not only the best coverage in the industry, but also the most consistent. 
  • All alliance members are fleet specialists, with strong and stable market positions. This provides the agility and resilience to generate strong organic growth, the alliance says. 
  • The alliance strongest selling point is its client focus: “The only reason that this alliance exists is because we have clients that are asking for a global solution and we have carefully picked each alliance member.”


Business practices differ throughout the world, with open-end leases, closed-end leases, novated leases and fleet management variously popular in different markets – so there is a limit to what can be worked out in global framework agreements. Yet those frameworks are essential to clarify the strategic goals, outline the tools and measure the progress.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs