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29 May 18

Collaboration: the glue that holds the global community together

Kicking off today’s series of case studies at the Global Fleet Conference in Rome was Jurgen Freitag, Head of Global Fleet Management at Siemens AG. His company manages a fleet of 48,000 vehicles in over 120 companies.

“To align the goals, Siemens uses a three-dimensional matrix to deal with Data management, MaaS, Sustainability, policies & guidance, performance management and strategy across the supplier field, from car makers and leasing cos, fleet management providers to insurance/accident management and fuel”, explained the inspiring speaker.

Apart from that, he reckons it is important to define clear tasks to orchestrate a global organization, differentiating between the global supply chain fleet, the country SCM fleet and the global country HR Governance.

“You can have the best strategy, if the people don’t buy in, you are nowhere. We need to establish a global community, driven by collaboration. This means giving responsibility to countries, alignment of objectives, country visits, building up a  global memory, establish cross-country projects and foster an online community.”

Interestingly, Mr Freitag stressed that Intercultural sensitivity is one of the most important skills in the future.


Authored by: Dieter Quartier