29 May 18

Fleets may vary, but safety and sustainability are common

The fist panel discussion at the 2018 Global Fleet Conference in Rome got off to an original start. Instead of celebrating success, the panellists shared their worst failures in terms of fleet management. Not to ridicule themselves, but to share the lessons learnt.

Even though the panellists manage very different fleets and operate in varying industries, there are a few commonalities in terms of safety, sustainability policies, and so on. Interestingly, the APAC region usually falls outside the traditional fleet management as we know it. It goes beyond providing a car.

“In Asia, Fleet management could benefit from an integration with travel management, because many people walk, cycle and use public transport", explained Patricia Friedel, Global Fleet Category Director Johnson&Johnson.

As pointed out by moderator Mike Antich (Editor and associate publisher automotive fleet), you need your policy to be flexible and sensitive to those particular needs.

An interesting tip given by Ralf Wessel, Manager Global Security, Global Fleet and Corporate Facilities, ACGO: don’t rely on e-mail and telephone conferencing alone. Visit your countries and make sure you understand their needs.

Jean Paul, Director of Fleet ops & vehicle specs, Aramark (pictured in the middle) shared some of his experiences in North America, where his company provides food service, facilities management and uniform services.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier