28 Apr 22

Get the most out of the Global Fleet Conference with Hopin

Attendees at this years’ Global Fleet Conference can use the Hopin app, an all-in-one event platform, to join live events, link up with fellow attendees, suppliers, customers, experts, set up 1-on-1 meetings and visit the expo booths virtually or in person.

International and global fleet managers – you can still attend the Global Fleet Conference (2-4 May, Lisbon); click here for more information.

A total event networking tool

If you don’t already have the Hopin app, you can source it on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, you will be prompted to set up an account (if you don’t already have one). Once you have an account, you can login anytime from now and throughout the event (2-4th May) and access all the practical information you will need to ensure the event is the most successful it can be for you.

If you already have a Hopin account and the app, you can start networking right away and schedule meetings with your peers via desktop or smart tablet device (iPad, Chromebook etc.).

Hopin gives you access to the whole programme and tells you who’s on stage and when. You can hop in and out as you please. You can engage and have video chats with other participants. You can connect and exchange virtual business cards and follow up later, join breakout sessions and participate in groups, send chat messages, vote in polls and explore interactive expo areas.

Why Hopin?

“What made Hopin unique was it enabled meaningful interactions and networking between people online, just like at an in-person event. We chose to focus on engagement more than content. We wanted people to not just watch, but be part of the experience themselves.”

If you have the Hopin app, or once you do, you can visit the Global Fleet Conference page and start getting the most out of the event - right away.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway