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31 Jul 19

GFS: visibility, transparency, flexibility and control

Global Fleet Services (GFS) is an alliance between ARI, Eqstra and Orix. It offers fleet operators coverage of major international markets, providing them increased transparency and greater control over their operating expenses, ultimately enabling them to reduce their TCO.  

Members and geography

  • ARI is the largest privately-held fleet management company in North America. It provides fleet management services throughout North America as well as the United Kingdom and Germany.
  • Eqstra is one of the largest leasing and fleet management companies in South Africa. It has an extensive footprint throughout the region.
  • Orix is the largest full-service lessor in Asia/Pacific. It provides coverage throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including in Australia, China, India, New Zealand and Japan.

Customer process

  • Customers of any of the three alliance members become global customers as soon as they have business in the regions covered by the other alliance members. 
  • Across the alliance, fleet professionals manage the accounts of the clients based on their specific needs. 
  • The alliance partners have an agreement to manage and support each other’s clients locally at a high standard of service, regardless of vehicle count in their particular country or region. 

Customer profile

The GFS alliance provides fleet leasing and management services to a wide range of global corporates, notably (but not exclusively) in the energy, manufacturing and consumer product industries. 

The alliance says it provides the most value to organisations looking to drive down cost on a global scale, whilst maintaining the local flexibility needed to operate the fleet to its maximum capacity. 


Knowledge is key for global operations. That’s why GFS is particularly focused on driving visibility, transparency, flexibility and control – traits that empower cross-border fleets to reduce cost and meet the needs of both internal stakeholders and external customers. 

  • Visibility lets GFS customers know precisely what is happening within their fleet operations. 
  • Transparency – knowing and managing the factors that drive costs - is key for global fleets.
  • Flexibility is important, because a one-size-fits-all strategy is extremely difficult to implement for global organisations. 
  • These three factors combined create control to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and make meaningful business improvements.


The GFS alliance favours global framework agreements that promote specific, obtainable and measurable best practices and/or best standards around KPIs (Key Performance Agreements) and/or SLAs (Service Level Agreements) across different markets as the best way to add value for their customers. 

While developing these agreements, it’s important to keep in mind that local regulations and conditions are critical factors for success.  

Authored by: Frank Jacobs