10 May 21

Global Fleet Conference: Benefiting from leasing across the globe

Leasing companies have entered a new and exciting new era: the operational leasing product is gaining popularity in various emerging markets, delivering new opportunities to the leasing supply chain. At the same time, the product is evolving in the mature markets. Join the 2021 Global Fleet Conference and find out how four of the biggest leasing companies adapt their business to the changing markets.

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Private lease is growing in several markets, mobility is being added on top of the car, carsharing and carpooling are being introduced by more fleets. These are just a few of the products that will change the leasing landscape. The leasing industry has supported corporate clients for well over 30 years and it is prepared to stay the supplier of choice for at least another 30 years. In an executive panel discussion with major global leasing companies, representatives of four major leasing companies will talk about their solutions and how they will fit into the new era of Fleet & Mobility.

With (from left to right):

  • Tim Albertsen, CEO, ALD Automotive
  • Marco Lessacher, CEO, Alphabet International
  • Berno Kleinherenbrink, CCO, LeasePlan
  • Bart Beckers, CCO, Arval

Leading photo copyright: Shutterstock

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck