29 Mar 19

Rewarding air miles and green miles

After rewarding air miles, Lufthansa Innovation Hub is now collecting public transit miles as well. 

The Lufthansa Innovation Hub has unveiled the RYDES app, through which passengers can not only collect air miles, but also miles using shared cars, bikes and scooters, as well as public transport. The collected points can be redeemed for mobility and non-mobility services such as free minutes for various mobility services, or free coffees and other advantages with partnering companies such as Amazon. 

Innovation Hub

The Lufthansa Innovation Hub was created in 2014 and aims to innovate the travel experience of the future. It is positioned at the interface between the Lufthansa Group and the Travel & Mobility tech scene. The goal of the hub is to make travel ‘smarter, digital, and more connected’.

The RYDES app is the second product the Hub has unveiled in six months. Half a year ago the Innovation Hub came up with Yilu, a B2B travel platform. Other projects are an application to ease the check-in process for flights, and the taxi application Mytaximatch. 

Green Miles

Yet, the RYDES app is not the only application rewarding public transit or other ‘green’ miles. The app Miles for instance rewards any kind of green mile, from public transit to walking; while ridehailing companies Uber and Lyft have a kind of reward programme as well. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen