5 Sep 18

First interview with Rüdiger Ebel, new CSO of Alphabet International

Since 1 September Mr Rüdiger Ebel is the new Chief Sales Officer of car leasing and business mobility specialist Alphabet International. Alphabet International manages more than 680,000 vehicles in 23 countries, mainly in Europe but also in Russia, Australia and China.

Why have you accepted the new function?
"I am delighted to be granted with this responsibility for our international customers. Building up successfully an enhanced international coverage of Alphabet the last years has lead to this next step to further strengthen our international sales team. And of course this is a new, exciting task for me, which I like to accept."

What is your role about and what will be your main ambitions as CSO?
"Primarily the role is focussing to serve Alphabet’ s international customers and win new customers on a global basis for Alphabet. My ambition is to enlarge the international customer base for Alphabet and achieve this together with our markets and cooperation partners on an advanced process/it platform."

What trends do you see in terms of fleet and mobility management?
"We are all facing the changes that digitalisation and autonomous driving will bring to our industry. Real are topics like telematics, enhanced reporting for optimised fleet management but also customer demand is asking for Shared solutions and of course EV cars. On top international customers want to be seved globally by organisations that can provide standardised solutions as far as possible but still are the best providers per market."

How do you see the further growth of the international customer portfolio of Alphabet International?
"More and more customers with international exposure are standardising their fleet policies and centralising their procurement. Thus, the well perceived and per customer individualised fleet solutions from Alphabet convinces the growing international customer portfolio. That should lead into growing customers for Alphabet since we are hard working to win and serve them."

Picture: Alphabet International

Authored by: Steven Schoefs