24 Mar 20

AMAVe appoints new board members, Mauricio Medina now president

Mauricio Medina has been appointed president of Mexico’s vehicle leasing association AMAVe.

Mr. Medina, who is also the CEO of local transportation equipment leasing and vehicle fleet management company TIP Mexico, was previously the association’s board secretary. Other board members which have been appointed are Alberto Gómez Delgado as Vice-President, Luis Montaño Garcia as Secretary, and Manuel Tamayo as Treasurer.

Among the priorities today, according to Mr. Medina, are to promote legislative reforms that benefit the industry and inform the general public about the benefits of vehicle leasing. "In times of volatility and uncertainty, leasing gains even more strength thanks to the flexibility of this financial product...this is an option to face the challenges of the current times," says the executive. 

Founded in 2015, AMAVe’s goal is to foster the growth of vehicle leasing and management (cars and trucks) in Mexico by bringing together companies which share challenges and opportunities in the industry. It is currently composed of 14 associated members (11 leasing and 3 rent-a-car) which represent more than 50% of the country's vehicle leasing and rental market. 

AMAVe thanks former president David Madrigal for his time with the association.

Authored by: Daniel Bland