1 Jul 19

Brazil’s EV car rental market emerging - ABLA

More than 600 fully electric or hybrid vehicles are currently being offered by car rental companies in Brazil, according to the country's automobile renter’s association ABLA.

This is a very small part of the overall market, but a growing segment indeed. To expand, it is essential that the country create incentives for the mass usage of them, a trend that certainly has potential in the leasing and rental industry.

Although leasing is an option for some, renting a car could be an attractive alternative as you don’t have to worry about insurance, maintenance, and depreciation, according to ABLA president Paulo Miguel Junior. Moreover, if you don’t have an EV but want to try one out, renting gives you this opportunity. 

Besides sharing experiences among professionals in the industry, ABLA is focused on providing key information related to public policies on vehicle fleet and urban mobility. Approximately 826,331 cars and LCVs are being offered by the 11,500 or so in car rental companies throughout the country, according to ABLA’s Vehicle Rental Yearbook 2019.


Authored by: Daniel Bland