14 Aug 19

Engenium acquires TIP Mexico, appoints new CEO

Mexican transportation equipment leasing and vehicle fleet management company TIP México has appointed Mauricio Medina (pictured) as its new CEO.

Holding the position as of last month (July), Mr. Medina was previously TIP Mexico Sales Director since 2012. He has approximately 21 years of financial expertise, namely in the areas of risk management, sales, pricing, lease and loan structures, and the development of business plans. 

Former CEO Juan Pablo Loperena has gone on to assume the position of CEO of Engenium Capital, the local financial group which has just acquired TIP Mexico. “Engenium finalized its acquisition of TIP Mexico in July,” Mr. Medina told Fleet LatAm, informing that the acquisition amount could not be disclosed.

Authored by: Daniel Bland