12 Jun 18

Responsible driving, key to smoother fleet operations

As traffic tickets can result in several fines or even the loss of a driver’s license, teaching employees to drive responsibly is one of the keys to smoother fleet operations in Brazil, according to local fleet management company Localiza Fleet solutions managing director João Andrade.

“For Localiza’s fleet, each car receives an average of three infractions a year and the average fine is 439 reais (US$118),” says Andrade who is also a member of the Global Fleet Advisory Board Latin America.

The most common infraction is speeding (up to 20% above the limit) which occurs in 54% of Localiza's ticketing cases. It is followed by driving during prohibited peak periods which represents 12% of infractions, and speeding (20-50% above limit) which accounts for 7% of tickets.

Good driving is just one of the many keys to better fleet management. For more on the obstacles car owners and fleet operators must overcome in Brazil, see here.

Authored by: Daniel Bland