20 May 19

Building Colombia car fleet policy with ALD

By law, every company in Colombia with a fleet of 10 or more vehicles must have a Strategic Plan for Road Security, locally known as “Plan Estratégico de Seguridad Vial PESV”. 

It is an excellent government initiative aimed at assuring road safety and security, one in which international corporate mobility solutions company ALD Automotive – by developing key action plans - can be a real partner in.

Basically, PESV is based on 5 pillars: Institutional Management, Safe Infrastructure, Driver Behavior, Safe Vehicles and Victim Assistance.  

According to ALD Automotive, the most important challenges it sees when developing such an action plan are facilitating cultural change when road safety becomes a necessity, measuring driver behavior and using acquired data to determine appropriate remedial action plans. 

“By combining our global expertise, fleet maintenance capacity, vehicle safety knowhow, and using IT technology and telematics, we can help companies address all these pillars, says Mauricio Serna Lozano, Head of Sales, at ALD Automotive in Colombia.

Among the issues ALD Automotive is focused on are bettering safety, improving travel times and vehicle availability, and reducing public health costs by cutting down on polluting emissions, all of which contribute to the overall competitiveness of its clients.

Among ALD Automotive’s services

By using telematics, ALD Automotive obtains very accurate driving scores which in turn establishes driver profiles based on driving behavior. This information is then used to establish remedial action plans – through an online program “ALD Safedrive” - such as driver training, all of which are based on the specific needs of each driver.

The company also ensures that its customers comply with vehicle maintenance plans via the official vehicle dealerships to make sure that required maintenance is carried out by qualified personnel and the company provides full coverage, driver and legal assistance in the case of an accident with support from its insurance company partners. 

Finally, ALD Automotive also helps customers select specific vehicles that comply with the required safety standards as well as the operational needs.

Colombia snapshot

Representing only 2% of the market, leasing in Colombia still has very low penetration, especially when comparing to Europe’s rate of some 20%. The country, however, benefits from a good infrastructure of large OEM brands which does facilitate managing and servicing fleets. 

Top selling car models in Colombia had very low safety standards in the past but things are starting to turn around. As of 2018, frontal airbags and ABS brakes are mandatory. 

As for ALD Automotive, it has found that it is possible to take a regional fleet management approach while allowing for local requirements, something that it can help its clients achieve.

ALD Automotive Colombia is the most recent greenfield addition to the company’s Latin American network. Currently, it is present in five countries throughout the region, being Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia. Worldwide it has direct presence in 43 countries, serving pharmaceutical, communications, construction, retail, agriculture, and other industries. 

For more information, visit here: https://www.aldautomotive.co/