4 Jul 19

Fleet LatAm welcomes Avis South America advisory board member

The Fleet LatAm advisory board has been consistently growing since its establishment in 2017 and it is proud to announce one more member to this distinguished group, Francisco Fuentes who is Senior Special Business Manager for international car rental company Avis in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.

Although Mr. Fuentes has been working for the company for approximately seven years, he has about 15 years of experience in the vehicle, procurement, and commercial areas. The legal name of Avis in the region is Mareauto, holder of the car rental franchise in all three countries.

“We are working on improving our services and the best way to do this is to listen to others who have experience around the world. The Fleet LatAm advisory board offers important knowledge on management trends and my objective is to acquire the best information for my company,” says Mr. Fuentes.

“At the same time, we could also bring our knowledge to the board. We have several people with logistics, transportation, and fleet management expertise on our team,” added the executive.

Working together with the Arval-Element alliance (which also includes Argentina-based RDA Renting), Avis provides long-term leasing (1-5 years) as well as rent-a-car (less than a year) services throughout the tri-country region. The Avis portfolio in the region totals 6,768 vehicles.

Among its local clients are Komatsu machinery and Cummins automotive engines from the United States as well as Bayer pharmaceuticals, the latter of which has 600 of the company’s vehicles.

Some of the Fleet LatAm advisory board members & collaborators at Global Fleet Conference 2019 (source: Global Fleet)

Authored by: Daniel Bland