16 Apr 19

Franco Capurro Reposi of Salfa joins Fleet LatAm advisory board

With more than 77 years in the market, Chilean vehicle and equipment leasing company Salfa sells and provides service for light vehicles, trucks, machinery, industrial engines, parts and accessories.

Based in Santiago, the company is focused on providing operational leasing services, offering products such as Renault semi trucks, and various brands of automobiles and pickups. Salfa also boasts the largest Chevrolet network, as well as the oldest Chevrolet dealership, in Chile.

Overseeing its rental operations is Franco Capurro Reposi, the company’s leasing manager and one of the newest members of the Fleet LatAm advisory board.

“Basically, Salfa Rent provides three main services, being operational leasing, rent-a-car, and the renting out of construction machinery. We cover the entire country, from Arica [far North] to Punta Arenas [far South],” says Mr. Capurro.

“As a new member of the advisory board, I am hoping to learn more about the Latin American renting market, its operators and characteristics,” says Capurro, adding that he is looking forward to contributing with the knowledge he has acquired from the Chilean market. 


Chevrolet D-Max, one of the several vehicles which can be provided by Salfa (source: GM)

Starting in late 2017 with just a few members, the Fleet Latam advisory board has grown to more than 30 strong. Among its members are top-level executives from automakers, telematics providers, vehicle leasing and rental companies, and more.

If you are interested in being a part of this distinguished group, feel free to contact board president Pascal Serres at pserres@nexusxommunication.be

Authored by: Daniel Bland