15 Jun 19

Global Fleet readies Fleet LatAm Conference in Mexico

The first-ever Fleet LatAm Conference will be coming to Latin America soon, a two-day event for regional and international vehicle fleet decision-makers followed by a one-day training session for fleet managers with multi-country responsibilities.

The event, which is scheduled for 23-25 September in Mexico City, boasts in-depth presentations, case studies, and panel discussions aimed at giving ample networking opportunities with international peers and business leaders.

Targeting mobility managers as well as fleet & mobility suppliers (leasing, telematics, insurance, mobility, and car rental companies, as well as car manufacturers), the event will focus on four building blocks covering opportunities and challenges in the region.

  1. Internationalising Fleet & Mobility: Developing a regional policy throughout the continent; Benchmarking your car policy with your peers; Tendering with car manufacturers; and gaining insight in the leasing landscape.
  2. Making fleet safety your #1 priority: Implementing solutions to reduce accident rates, save lives and cut costs; Applying training and tools to improve safety and driver management; Dealing with corporate fleet insurance; and addressing tips to achieve quick wins.
  3. Understanding connected fleets: Buying and implementing technology for your vehicle fleet; Using driver and vehicle data to support your corporate objectives; Driving costs down through driver behaviour, theft control, and mobility management; and sharing success stories.
  4. Global Trends impacting Latin America: Addressing the transformational trends in the fleet management, leasing, and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) ecosystems; Dealing with vehicle emissions, CO2 and city bans; Knowing the changing role of the fleet manager; and taking advantage of the opportunities to bring your organisation to the next level.

According to conference chairman Pascal Serres, creating more efficient, safe and sustainable ways to provide corporate and urban mobility is an ongoing problem in today’s world, especially in Latin America, one of the fastest-growing regions on the planet.

“Finding solutions through networking and best practice sharing, together with the disclosing of key industry information are the main objectives of Fleet LatAm,” says Mr Serres.

Pascal Serres (source: Global Fleet)

Following the conference will be a full-day training session on 25 September, featuring interactive lectures and workshops for vehicle fleet managers who have multi-country responsibilities.

Among the topics to be covered during the training is the diverse realities in Latin America, with attention for total cost of ownership (TCO), key performance indicators (KPI), safety issues, fleet policy, and the practical and intelligent use of telematics and the data it brings.

As you can see, Fleet LatAm Conference 2019 will feature talks on several topics so find some time to take a few days off to come to Mexico. We look forward to seeing you there!

More information on the conference and training

Authored by: Daniel Bland