10 Jul 19

Alberto Vélez, Autocorp: Global Alliance expands with move into Uruguay

Following news of Argentina-based renting and fleet management company AutoCorp kicking off operations in Uruguay to expand services as part of the ALD Automotive - Wheels Global Alliance, Fleet LatAm – the Latin America arm of Global Fleet – had a brief talk with AutoCorp CEO Alberto Vélez.

Besides being in line with the increasing trend to outsource fleet management, AutoCorp’s expansion plan fits into the global strategy of the Alliance to provide the largest possible coverage available. Mr. Vélez, who has been with AutoCorp for more than 14 years, is also a member of the Fleet LatAm advisory board.

Alberto Vélez with some of the original Fleet LatAm advisory board members in 2017. It has grown much since. (source: Nexus Communication)


When did AutoCorp start operations in Uruguay and what is the company's goal in the country this year?


Vélez: We started operations in May and our initial goal is to have a 100-vehicle fleet by the end of this year. We have been very busy sending quotations to clients and we are very excited about our future in Uruguay.


We will be upholding the same international standards of service in our operation in Uruguay as we have in Argentina. Companies can expect excellence and a variety of options in our service portfolio.


Opening up business in another country must bring on some challenges, doesn’t it?
Vélez: Sure, there are a few challenges in the country but this also brings great opportunity. With our new office, we now have a chance to expand our current fleet management offer into a country where full-service leasing is already the standard.

Moreover, as a greenfield operation, we have the chance to really get acquainted with the Uruguayan market, in specific, and its business needs.


Gasoline is very expensive in Uruguay. How does this affect your business?


Vélez: Indeed, it is expensive, and this calls for a thorough total cost of ownership (TCO) assessment. We don’t only need to determine which cars consume less energy, but those which have an lower TCO overall.

In addition, we feel that facing high gas prices gives us a chance to boost the usage of alternative models such as full-electric and hybrid vehicles. 


AutoCorp provides vehicles for a range of needs, from benefit cars for executives to utility vehicles for business operations, and for a number of industries across the board.


Worldwide, the Global Alliance has a presence in more than 56 countreis and manages more than 2.1 million vehicles. In Latin America, it is present in 13 countries and manages more than 62,500 vehicles. Alliance members include Europe-based ALD Automotive, US-based Wheels, Central-America based Arrend Leasing, and South America-based AutoCorp.

Authored by: Daniel Bland